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Flower of the Month: Chrysanthemum Spotlight


  • Vibrant, versatile blooms in a rainbow of colors.
  • Symbolism: Cheerfulness, optimism, and long life (makes them perfect for fall birthdays since they are February’s birth flower).
  • Types: From fluffy pompoms to spidery bursts – vast variety!
  • Interesting Fact: Chrysanthemums have been cultivated for centuries and hold significant cultural meaning in East Asia

Care Tips

  • Sunlight: Loves bright, indirect light.
  • Watering: Keep soil moist but not soggy. Water less in cooler weather.
  • Snip & Refresh: Trim stems at an angle and change water regularly.
  • Deadheading: Remove spent blooms to encourage more flowering.

Chrysanthemum Bouquet Styling Ideas

  • Autumn Abundance: Pair with sunflowers, goldenrod, and fall foliage for a seasonal mix.
  • Monochromatic Marvel: Bunch several shades of a single chrysanthemum color (purple, pink, etc.) for a dramatic effect.
  • Rustic Charm: Mix with wildflowers or filler like Queen Anne’s lace in a mason jar for a relaxed farmhouse feel.
White chrysanthemums and gypso
Order White chrysanthemums and gypso

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