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Sending Love to Lagos with our Radiant Roses & Gypso Bouquet

  • Luxurious bouquet featuring three stunning flower varieties.
  • Choose from a variety of vibrant and elegant combinations.
  • Meticulously arranged by expert florists at Prestige Flower Shop Lagos.
  • Option to add a personalized note, gourmet treats, or a fragrant candle.
  • Guaranteed freshness and timely delivery.

When words alone can’t express your affection, let flowers convey your deepest emotions. Our enchanting bouquet of three exquisite roses, elegantly adorned with delicate gypso, is a heartfelt way to show your love from afar in Lagos.


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3 Times The Love: A Bouquet Overflowing with Affection

When your heart overflows with love and words simply can’t express the depth of your feelings, turn to the stunning “3 Times The Love” bouquet. This magnificent arrangement is a vibrant declaration, crafted to leave a lasting impression.

A Sea of Red Roses:

The centerpiece of this passionate display is a luxurious collection of red roses. Each bloom is hand-selected for its perfect form and velvety texture, symbolizing enduring love and unwavering devotion. The rich red color speaks volumes, a timeless language of deep affection and passionate admiration.

A Touch of Whimsy with Gypso:

Interspersed amongst the roses are delicate sprigs of Gypso. These feathery white flowers, also known as baby’s breath, add a touch of ethereal beauty and a sense of innocence. The contrast between the bold roses and the delicate gypso creates a visually stunning composition, mirroring the complexity and tenderness of love.

A Gift That Speaks for Itself

Whether you’re celebrating a special anniversary, commemorating a milestone achievement, or simply want to surprise someone special, the ‘3 Times The Love’ bouquet delivers an unforgettable message. Enhance the experience with personalized touches:

  • Heartfelt note: Express your deepest sentiments with a handwritten note.
  • Gourmet treats: Indulge their sweet tooth with gourmet chocolates or artisanal candies.
  • Fragrant candle: Create a relaxing ambiance with a beautifully scented candle.

The Prestige Guarantee

We source only the freshest, highest-quality blooms to ensure your ‘3 Times The Love’ bouquet maintains its radiance for days to come.

Let the ‘3 Times The Love’ bouquet from Prestige Flower Shop Lagos express your deepest affections, creating a moment to remember. 

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Optional Vase for flower bouquets

Product price: 28,000
Total options:
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