Treasure Red Roses VIP Box


Make that special ONE feel the most love, the most special, the most important. Order a box of fresh red roses in Lagos and have it delivered the same day.

To enhance your experience, we are providing a range of sizes to choose from for the bouquet
Small Box 24cm (1,050,000)
Medium Box 27cm (1,450,500)
Standard Box 30cm (1,955,000)
Deluxe Box 33cm (2,600,000)
Deluxe plus Box 36cm (3,500,000)


Treasure Red Roses

A luxury VIP box statement of red roses in a fully rounded arrangement. A statement piece.

Treasure red roses floral box is the perfect way to show your loved one how much you treasure them. This luxurious VIP box arrangement features a fully rounded bouquet of red roses, arranged in a stunning display.

Why Choose Treasure?

  • Luxurious and elegant: Treasure VIP  Red Roses is a stunning arrangement that is sure to impress. The roses are hand-picked and arranged by our expert florists, and the fully rounded display is a truly luxurious touch.
  • Statement piece: Treasure is a statement piece that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are celebrating a special event or simply want to show your loved one how much you care, Treasure is the perfect way to do it.
  • Perfect for any occasion: Treasure is perfect for any occasion, from Valentine’s Day to a birthday to a simple “thinking of you” gesture.

Order your Treasure today and show your loved one how much you treasure them!


Box Size

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