Melody – Mixed Roses Bouquet with Gypsophila


The beauty of roses is unchallenged. It makes them a favourite gift to offer for birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations for graduation, engagements, romance, bridal showers, new baby. Show someone you care with this stunning composition of 2 or more colours of roses and baby breath.

To enhance your experience, we are providing a range of sizes to choose from for the bouquet

Budget (5 roses 46,000)
Xsmall (10 roses 77,000)
Small (15 roses 119,000)
Moyenne (20 roses 159,000)
Standard (25 roses 201,000)
Deluxe (30 roses 236,000)
Del. plus (40 roses 313,000)
Del. prem. (50 roses 385,000)
First class (60 roses 420,000)


Optional Vase for flower bouquets

Product price: 46,000
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A Bouquet of Possibilities: Mixed Roses & Gypsophila – Same-Day Magic in Lagos

Unleash an assortment of emotions with this enchanting dance of mixed roses and delicate gypsophila. Each vibrant bloom bursts with life, a unique gesture painting a story on the canvas of your heart. From fiery declarations of love to heartfelt condolences, playful congratulations to a simple “thinking of you,” this bouquet is a vibrant language spoken in every occasion.

Why Mixed Roses & Gypsophila are Your All-Occasion Chameleon:

  • A Spectrum of Emotions: Let the roses paint your message! Bold reds whisper passion, blushing pinks radiate joy, sunny yellows exude warmth, and calming purples offer solace. Each petal speaks, tailoring the bouquet to your every feeling.
  • Gypsophila’s Touch of Grace: Like tiny stars sparkling amidst the vibrant hues, baby’s breath adds a touch of elegance and innocence, softening the bold symphony with a gentle melody.
  • Adapts to Every Canvas: Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, farewells, or simply brightening someone’s day – this versatile masterpiece seamlessly blends into any occasion, a captivating centerpiece for every story.
  • Same-Day Delivery Across Lagos: Let your message bloom instantly! Watch as our floral messengers, fresh and fragrant, paint the city with your emotions, delivered right to their doorstep.

Picture the Scene:

  • Your partner’s eyes dancing with delight as they unfold the vibrant tapestry of colors, their heart singing with your unspoken love.
  • A colleague’s face lighting up with gratitude as they receive the burst of sunshine, the unspoken “thank you” blooming in their smile.
  • A room abuzz with laughter and conversation, the bouquet serving as a vibrant focal point, a testament to the joy you’ve brought.

Mixed Roses & Gypsophila aren’t just flowers; they’re a vibrant expression of life, ready to paint the town with your story, one petal at a time.

Order your masterpiece today and let the Lagos streets bloom with the colors of your heart!

P.S. Don’t forget to personalize your brushstrokes! Add a handwritten note, a box of decadent chocolates, or a playful balloon to make your gift truly unforgettable.

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Optional Vase for flower bouquets

Product price: 46,000
Total options:
Order total: