Love Bunch Balloon Bouquet | Prestige Flower Shop Lagos

  • Helium-filled balloon arrangement featuring heart shapes, “love” scripts, and vibrant colors.
  • Personalize with red, pink, or multi-colored themes.
  • Long-lasting joy – balloons float for days.
  • Fun and unexpected way to express your affection.
  • Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or spontaneous gestures.

Order your Love Bunch Balloon today and spread the love!

Available in different Sizes:
Quarter Dozen – 3 Balloons (35000)
Half Dozen – 6 Balloons (59000)
One Dozen – 12 Balloons (105000)
Two Dozens – 24 Balloons (175000)


Love Bunch Balloon Bouquet: A Burst of Joyful Affection

Let your love take flight with the whimsical and vibrant Love Bunch Balloon Bouquet from Prestige Flower Shop Lagos. This playful arrangement is the perfect way to add a touch of lightheartedness and joy to any occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to spontaneous gestures of love.

Overflowing with Cheer

Imagine a delightful explosion of color and whimsy! Our Balloon Bouquet features a mix of helium-filled balloons in a variety of eye-catching designs. Expect a cheerful combination of:

  • Classic Heart-Shaped Balloons: Boldly proclaim your affection with these timeless symbols of love.
  • “Love” Script Balloons: A playful and stylish way to express your feelings.
  • Vibrant Round Balloons: Adding pops of color and festive energy to the mix.

Choose Your Color Theme

Personalize your Love Bunch Balloon Bouquet to match your loved one’s personality or the celebratory occasion:

  • Passionate Red: Perfect for romantic gestures and anniversaries.
  • Pretty in Pink: A playful and sweet choice for birthdays or expressions of admiration.
  • Multicolored Fiesta: Bursting with joy for birthdays or celebratory moments.

More than Just Balloons

The Love Bunch Balloon Bouquet is a gift that keeps on giving. The high-quality helium balloons will float for days, providing a delightful and lasting reminder of your thoughtful gesture. Plus, it serves as a playful and eye-catching decoration for any space.

The Gift of Smiles

The Love Bunch Balloon is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face. It’s a fun and unexpected way to show someone you care, whether it’s your significant other, a friend, or a family member.

The Prestige Flower Shop Promise

Order with confidence from Prestige Flower Shop Lagos. We guarantee your Love Bunch Balloon Bouquet will be carefully assembled and delivered with care. And, whether you choose same-day or scheduled delivery, rest assured that your floral masterpiece will arrive at its destination as fresh and radiant as the moment it was created.

Spread love and joy with the Love Balloon Bouquet. Order yours today from Prestige Flower Shop Lagos!

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