PFS Blossom Bouquet – 2-3 Circular Rose Arrangement


Birthday Blossom Bouquet – 2-3 Circular Rose Arrangement

This beautiful circular rose arrangement is perfect for any occasion. The roses are arranged in a round pattern, creating a stunning visual effect. The arrangement is made with fresh, high-quality roses, and it is sure to impress your loved ones.

To enhance your experience, we are providing a range of sizes to choose from for the bouquet

Xsmall (10 roses 70000)

Small (15 roses 105000)

Moyenne (20 roses 140000)

Standard (25 roses 170000)

Deluxe (30 roses 204000)

Del. plus (40 roses 260000)

Del. prem. (50 roses 325000)

First class (60 roses 390000)


Optional Vase for flower bouquets

Product price: 70,000
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Beyond Bouquets: 2-3 Roses in Elegant Symphony

Forget the predictable stems, step into a world of intimate artistry with our 2-3 Rose Circular Arrangement. Two or three hand-picked blooms, bursting with color and life, intertwine in a mesmerizing dance, cradled by lush greenery. This minimalist masterpiece isn’t just a bouquet, it’s a whispered secret, a visual poem that speaks volumes without a word.

Why this Circular Symphony is Perfect for Every Occasion:

  • Less is More: Elegance whispers from the simplicity of two or three exquisite roses, each chosen for its flawless form and vibrant hue. The impact is undeniable, a concentrated essence of your message capturing the heart with laser focus.
  • Modern Muse: Unlike predictable bouquets, this circular arrangement breaks the mold. It’s a conversation starter, a captivating masterpiece that demands admiration and fuels intrigue. From minimalist chic to modern romance, it dances to the rhythm of your style.
  • Chameleon of Emotions: Whether you’re celebrating a love story, sending heartfelt wishes, or simply adding a touch of captivating artistry to any occasion, this adaptable gem reflects your message with grace and charm. It’s a silent symphony speaking the language of love, friendship, and pure joy.
  • Same-Day Magic Across Lagos: Surprise and delight with the speed of love! Get to place your order and watch as our floral messengers, fresh and fragrant, whisk this mesmerizing circle across the city, straight to their doorstep.

Imagine the Scene:

  • Your partner’s eyes widen with wonder as they discover this unexpected treasure, the circular dance of petals drawing them in like a captivating secret.
  • A friend’s face erupts in a smile as they cradle this intimate gem, a silent “thank you” blooming in their eyes.
  • A table graced with elegance, the circular arrangement becoming the centerpiece, a captivating conversation starter that draws in admiration and sparks unforgettable moments.

2-3 Rose Circular Arrangement isn’t just flowers; it’s a whispered secret, a captivating moment of artistry, and a symbol of emotions that transcend the ordinary.

Order your circular masterpiece today and let it weave its magic across Lagos!

P.S. Don’t forget to personalize your story! Add a handwritten note or a single, perfectly matched candle to make this gift truly unforgettable. Remember, same-day delivery magic awaits. Order now and let the blooms sing your melody!

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Optional Vase for flower bouquets

Product price: 70,000
Total options:
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